Meet the Yurhouse crew! Our team has spent over 25 years working with buyers, sellers, builders and investors to make housing dreams come to life. As multi million dollar producers and an award winning team, you want us on your side in this market. Take some time to meet and learn more about us or read reviews from our past clients. We are excited to work with you!


Photo of Emilee Carraway

Emilee Carraway Team Lead

Photo of Cayce Gardner Tilghman

Cayce Gardner Tilghman Senior Broker

Photo of Georgia Haley

Georgia Haley Real Estate Broker & Transaction Coordinator

Photo of Kellie Bender

Kellie Bender Real Estate Broker

Photo of Janet Kinney

Janet Kinney Real Estate Broker

Photo of Paloma Marquez

Paloma Marquez Real Estate Broker

Photo of Kristen Lueck

Kristen Lueck Real Estate Broker